Work life balance?

Have been all over the place recently, still getting my regular Yoga classes, met up with Pec and learning more about raw food cooking. Yet been juggling so many things “WHAT IS WORK-LIFE BALANCE?” really…

We are planning new retreats this year and have to say thank you to everyone who attended our last event, it was really special!


the path

People come and go in life, it’s life, it’s the path, if we follow it and take each step one at a time we can handle the natural ups, downs and flow of life.

If we try to resist again The Way and instead embrace the path of life we can be free.

There is no such thing as a “good” thing or a “bad” thing. Just think back at all the “bad” things that happened to you and it’s often clear how they actually helped you and were “good”.

I love the story from Zen Buddhism / Taoism about the farmers son. (2 minute read).

If you haven’t read this story I really recommend you read it now.

Sophie Jones Xx

Nothing beats Yoga for this

Feel so much better after Yoga class! Emily Murdoch recently posted about the benefits for your mind, health and wellbeing and she is SO RIGHT!

Yoga has a way of clearing away all the silly anxieties and other problems of the mind allowing a new space for creativity and love.

It can actually help for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and other mental health issues, as well as anyone else who wants to curb stress.

If you have never taken a Yoga class, give it a try, you’ll find it’s so relaxing and really the best way to let go and unwind.

Sophie Jones Xx


Experimenting with low carbs

Recently I have been experimenting with a low carb diet and was fascinated by Nathan’s post today on the subject. I respect his opinion because he reads the medical literature, follows all the latest studies and scans all the journals.

I had previously tried a kind of ketogenic diet yet it did not work with my Yoga practice and so quit prematurely. Yet this time I have gotten past some of the keto sickness or whatever it’s called and am thinking that perhaps my body does burn well on fats, instead of carbs?

Will have to wait and see how it works for me.

Sophie Jones Xx

Social Anxiety Sucks, Steps to Solve it.

I was reading a post by Emily yesterday which I think is important for anyone who suffers from social anxiety, awkwardness or related social phobias. It’s something that many of my clients have suffered from in the past and managed to get over by spending more time with people by taking up Yoga class or coming on one of our retreats.

Anyway I thought I would post it because the steps are solid and they are a good way to solve any social anxieties you may have.

Sophie Jones Xx

Ashtanga & Meditations

Just back from Yoga class was a great Ashtanga session and then was trying these new meditations that my friend Loretta posted about.

The amazing thing to me about Yoga is not even so much the physical, but the mental benefits I get from the classes. Mostly I have been practicing a kind of seated meditation after yoga class called “Zazen” which comes from Zen Buddhism.

It’s something you may well want to try yourself. You don’t need to do Yoga first, I just prefer to because it quietens my mind. I then sit alone in the half lotus position and focus on my breath.

Meditation is my focus on 2019 so you’ll hear more about my experiments with it!

Lots of love to you all,

Sophie Jones Xx

P.S. our next retreat destination will be published very soon!